Start e-commerce business on Shopify this 2022

Start e-commerce business on Shopify this 2022

We are all living in a world, where everything is upgrading to digital means. As such the business also getting into the next step where they can sell their product or service to the customers worldwide through an online eCommerce platform. With the advancement in technologies, the development of online eCommerce stores was also made simple and easy with the help of an eCommerce platform. The best e-commerce platform can guide you in starting an online business, let you grow, and manage your business at ease. One of the leading eCommerce companies in this industry is Shopify, where you can sell your product or service faster, easier on your website and are more scalable. 

What is Shopify?

e-commerce business on Shopify

Shopify is the best eCommerce platform and is the most popular brand throughout the world. Shopify is a SAAS Model, a subscription-based online eCommerce software, where one can your website and shopping cart to sell their products or service, ship them, and manage the delivery of the product and also the businesses. One can set up an online eCommerce store using Shopify in less than 30 minutes. Shopify was founded in 2006 in Canada by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake. Setting up an online store on Shopify incorporates payment incorporation, marketing strategies, shipping tools, inventory tracking options, and other tools that require customer engagements. 

Shopify subscription plans

e-commerce business on Shopify

One can start their eCommerce website and subscribe to the plat a later. Opening a Shopify store is also easy for the new subscribers with a free trial version for 14 days. Shopify is unique when compared to other online eCommerce platforms as it differs from the payment information. One can use the trial version without adding any payment information on the site. Shopify gives its customers the standard three types of Subscription plans; basic, Shopify, and advanced. 


Basic Plan:

The ideal subscription plan for those who are new to the online eCommerce business. This basic subscription plan is priced at $29 USD/ Month. 

Shopify Plan:

The subscription plan is ideal for the ones who want to expand their online eCommerce business and the one who has consistent online sales. This Shopify Subscription plan is priced at $79 USD/ Month. 


Shopify Plan:

This plan is perfect for businesses that are well established and have a large volume of online sales. This Shopify Subscription plan is priced at $299 USD/ Month. 

The subscription plan gives the subscribers the website with blog pages, can publish unlimited products, staff accounts, 24×7 customer care support from Shopify, inventories and sales channels, order creation tool, discount tool, SSL certificate, Gift card options, payment subscriptions, and business reports. 

Now Shopify provides two additional features, Shopify Lite and Shopify plus for providing support to beginners and higher volume of sales-generating businesses respectively. 

Shopify Lite:

Now one can open an online e-commerce store on Shopify at a lesser price than ever only for $9 USD/ Month; which is less than a movie ticket. Shopify aims at giving beginners everything they require to set up the online business and upgrade it to the next level.

Shopify Plus:

Were every business being on digital transformation, more than 10,000 leading companies trust Shopify as their e-commerce business platform. This Shopify plus Subscription plan is priced at $2000 USD/ Month.

How to start an online store on Shopify


In earlier days, setting up an eCommerce store on a digital platform takes hours and hours. But now, Shopify has rendered a great eCommerce platform solution and one can create and set up an online eCommerce platform in less than 15 minutes. The biggest reason behind Shopify being a leading eCommerce platform is its user-friendly eCommerce software. A detailed step by step process in creating an eCommerce store on Shopify is as follows;

1. Sign up on Shopify

As the creator of the eCommerce store on Shopify is easier, the steps involved in signing up on the Shopify online e-commerce platform are also made easier for the people. The software is designed in such a way that even a person who doesn’t have coding knowledge can also create his eCommerce website on Shopify. Choose a unique name for your eCommerce store, fill in your details (email address, password, store name) by clicking on the Get start button on the Shopify website. A unique shop name is necessary to buy a domain with that name on Shopify online store. On navigating to the next page, describe your online eCommerce business, the price range of your products, and the product description you wish to sell. Complete the sign-up process by filling the form with your details such as name, address, contact number.


2. Adding the products

On the successful completion of the sign-up process with the Shopify eCommerce platform, it will direct to the admin panel. The admin panel is where one needs to list their products. Shopify allows to list the products under each category segregated by the subscriber thereby making it easier for uploading the product images, prices, offers, and other associated information.  


3. Customize the website

The e-commerce store is created and set up on upgrading it with the products. But the appearance? Nothing shines out as good as looking good does. The appearance of the website is all matter in seeking the attention of the audience. One can customize their website look on the main dashboard. Here one can set up their website with the business logo, customized icons, font, and content, color schemes, functionalities, and also the theme of the site.

4. Shopify & Domain

After customizing the website according to your taste, now you can select the domain name to make the e-commerce website live on the online e-commerce Shopify store. By clicking on the Add a Domain option from the Dashboard, you can buy a domain name for your choice or even transfer if you have already got a domain name. 

5. Payments subscription

By clicking on the payment button on the left of the Shopify dashboard, one can activate the payment option. Shopify provides plenty of payment processors to its subscribers. One can select the payment processor of their choice and implement it. On adding the card types, transaction fees, and office checkout options, one can launch the website and make the store live.


Shopify has a lot of features to offer online merchants, business professionals, and sellers. With no design and coding skills, one can create the best e-commerce website on Shopify and control it. Shopify is the one-stop solution for all your eCommerce business needs. Shopify covers all the eCommerce features right from creating the eCommerce store, marketing, payment gateway subscriptions, secure payment platform to shipping the product. Publish your eCommerce store on Shopify and embrace your successful business journey.