How to start an eCommerce business on amazon

Starting an eCommerce business will sound like a big step and complicated. But the most pronounced brands were started very small and it has grown from there. Ecommerce business in an online selling platform that gives the benefit of reaching your target and potential customers all over the world. Online eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, and so on; gives every seller a perfect niche to sell their products. These platforms contain huge customers and are the right choice to be opted out, than having an individual online platform where one wants to reach a larger potential customer. One needs to follow wider strategies to sell their product in an online eCommerce store than making out the product. Although all the largest brands sell on Amazon.

Amazon 2021 statistics reports; all the small to medium-scaled businesses sold more than half of their products via Amazon worldwide. So why not sell the products on Amazon and increase your productivity & revenue? Here are the steps one should follow to start an eCommerce business on Amazon!

Amazon is one of the biggest and fast-growing eCommerce platforms worldwide with leveraging services to their customers right from the initiation of the service to the customization of the eCommerce business and forever. Before starting an eCommerce business in Amazon, one should have the following documents and details in hand.

ecommerce Business

–       Email id & Contact number

–       GST (Goods and Service tax)              Registered and its number

–       Pan card details – Business

–       Bank Account

–       Address proof

–       ID and address proof of all partners / Directors

Steps to be followed to start a business in amazon

At first decide on what type of product to sell on Amazon (specific to clothing, fashion, home care, electronics, appliances, and so on). Selling products on Amazon can potentially bring in more money with less work. The perfect place to sell products with the largest target audience is Amazon. The following simple steps will guide you in starting the eCommerce business in Amazon.

Step 1 – Sign up & get registered

Step 2 – setting up the business details

Step 3 – start listing out the products

Step 5 – launch your Business on Amazon

Step 1 – Sign up & get registered

Creating a business on Amazon in less than 5 minutes by entering out the business details. Create a new amazon seller account with a contact number, business email id, and a password.

Step 2 – setting up the business details

The next step is adding the business details. Enter the registered company name of your business that has been provided in GST. The next step goes the verification of your contact details. Enter up your business store name, PAN number, GST number, and the product’s name. if the eCommerce business is food-related, then have the fssai number handy.

(Note: to apply for GST – to get GST registered on should have Pan card details, Voter ID, Aadhar card, utility bills (commercial business), in case of partnership business – PAN & Voter ID card of all the partners involved in the business and a business partnership agreement)

Step 3 – start listing out the products

On verifying the business name and details, start listing out your product on Amazon. Enter the product names with the informative description (the information entered can be edited further. Eg: the condition of the product can be edited once it is listed) and associated bar codes along with the price of the product, MRP, quality, condition of the product (brand new or used) and the shipping option that suits you.


Step 4 – launch your Business on Amazon

Start selling your products on amazon by uploading your digital signature at last. Keep track of your products inventory and update the listing frequently.

Steps to be followed while listing out products in Amazon:

The most important factor in selling a product on Amazon is adding up the product on Amazon’s catalog. The major task associated with adding up the product is choosing the perfect category which impacts the sale rate. There are more than 20 plus categories in Amazon for selling the products and it has to be done with a professional setting plan.  Amazon does limit the instant setting access to new sellers where the competition is heavy. One such category is Fashion and clothing, & Electronics; where the competition is heavy and some sellers have thousand plus products on their inventory.

Before listing out the products on Amazon inventory and opting out of the category, consult it with ****** to drive in more profit and free from quality & return order issues. This selling product on Amazon will drive huge benefits to expand the business online. Selling products on Amazon results in cost reduction with affordable marketing and advertising services, it has no limitations in reaching the audience, Faster response to the buyer and their demands gives greater control over the products, user-friendly inventory management, comfortable delivery systems, has several payment modes and at last the best product listing services.

Selling a product on Amazon is a better turnkey solution where one doesn’t need any structural store to operate their business, all they need is one laptop / a computer and sell their product from wherever they are!


Pre-Listing Process

Re-check the list of products meeting the Amazon quality standards; including the product details, top-notch photos, and other details.

Listing Process

The listing incorporates complete details of the product you sell on Amazon. One can sell the products on Amazon by selecting on the sell on the page or by managing the inventory on the Amazon seller’s account. Set your price (the price of the product, selling cost, fees, and shipping cost), describe the condition of the product, opt for the better shipping method that suits you, review the information and proceed with the listing of the products. 

Post-Listing Process

Once the products are listed for the people visibility on amazon’s page, the next task is to optimize the product for better visibility. There are various visibility services available on amazon to reach the higher target people. Concurrently, keep updating about the product to your target audience on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and so on. Frequently update your product title with the most relevant search names to reach the top of the Amazon search.

Once the listing of the products on amazon is completed, then it’s time to sell the products and establish the brand on Amazon. When deciding to go online and grab much target audience attention or in the idea of expanding your business online, the wise way is to choose Amazon as a breakthrough platform. Amazon has become a basic part of people’s everyday life.

The right time to get into the eCommerce business on Amazon is now! Numerous business people have emerged from selling their products on Amazon and created a successful business career. With ever-growing and being the top & number one in eCommerce online business, Amazon will take your business to a major leap with their constant innovative services and offering more options to attain business growth, and it thrives in success and increase your productivity and sales.  Have a Happy Selling!!